Introducing: Acupuncture and Laser Therapy

We are excited to be able to offer our clients acupuncture and laser therapies. Acupuncture is a modality of physical medicine used in the treatment of animals. Acupuncture has been…

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Heartworm Prevention

Do I really need to have my dog on Heartworm Prevention? Heartworm disease now exists in every state in the United States. Some areas have more risk than others, but…

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Dr. Stallings Blog: “Check Those Teeth”

This article appeared in DogTrekker on January 30, 2014 Of all the medical conditions that cause pain and discomfort, I find dental disease to be the number one problem. Our…

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Caring for an Elderly Dog

This article appeared in DogTrekker on October 22, 2013 Rhonda Stallings, DVM, Arroyo Veterinary Hospital, Sonoma You may be noticing that your lovely pup is getting grey around the muzzle,…

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Prepared for Disaster?

This article appeared in DogTrekker on 10/9/13 Vet Buzz, by Rhonda Stallings, DVM Arroyo Veterinary Hospital, Sonoma, CA If you had to evacuate your house quickly, what would you take…

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Teeny Tiny Doggie Dental!

Just wanted to share with you the teeny tiniest doggie I have done a full dental cleaning polishing and dental x-rays on.  His name is Rudy and he is 2.9…

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How to get your cat to the Vet

Watch this informative video on How to Get Your Cat to the Vet

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It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than This!

My career in veterinary medicine began about 12 years ago when I took a part-time job as a kennel assistant during my freshman year as an undergraduate. Since then I have…

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Keep Off the Grass;-)

These beautiful lush grasses are so tempting to our pets!  Be careful not to allow them to eat the grass because not only can it cause them to vomit, but…

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Dog Breath;-(

I just finished a dental cleaning on a sweet 12 year old puppy dog!  The only complaint from the client was doggie breath. After cleaning her teeth we found various…

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