Be aware and be alert! Dangers that can affect our dogs!

Hello everyone!  Wanted to make as many of you aware of the dangers associated with this rain for our pets! Yesterday, I had my first moldy walnut case of the…

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Pup ‘n Pour Wed night!

Roger Roessler has so generously offered to share his winery and his wines with the Dog Loving Community! This event is a great opportunity to taste these fabulous wines and…

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Holiday Pet Shopping!

Did you already get your pet's their Holiday gifts? Be careful of impulse buys! I was out shopping today and there are all kinds of dog and cat toys out…

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The Cold Weather and Arthritis!

Could this weather get any colder!  Please make sure all your pets are inside and warm. Especially the older ones.  Arthritis can really flare up during a cold spell. If…

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Toxins, Cancer and our Pets!

Do you ever wonder why so many pets get cancer?  I think it's because they are exposed to so much more than we are!  They are lower to the ground,…

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Crazy, windy, Saturday!

This wind is crazy!  Are your pets scared?  Turn on the TV and also the radio, just loud enough to block out most of the wind sounds.  Get one of…

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Puppies will eat anything!

Remember puppies and kittens will often eat anything including drugs and needles and thread!  These young pets are just like toddlers!  They need to be watched all the time or…

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Fruit and Nut Hazards

This time of year is especially dangerous to dogs that like to eat fruit and nuts that fall off the trees! Watch your dogs and try to keep them away…

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