Dr. Gerbolini

Dr. Gerbolini


Originally from Lima, Peru, Dr. Alfonso Gerbolini attended Purdue University in Indiana for veterinary school, graduating in 2012. His primary interests are in small animal medicine, preventative care and dentistry. He thoroughly enjoys working closely with clients in an effort to help improve his patient’s quality of life and enrich the human-animal bond. He believes strongly that compassion and dedication are qualities of a good doctor and strives to have both characteristics centered in his daily practice. Fluent in Spanish, Dr. Gerbolini enjoys the chance to speak it as much as possible and keep his skills sharp, socially and professionally.

Outside of his work at Arroyo Veterinary Hospital, Dr. Gerbolini lives with his wife in Petaluma and, since arriving in the Bay Area, he enjoys spending time with family, sailing and climbing. He and his wife recently lost their best, furry friend of 8 years and are taking a short break before welcoming another pet into their home.

Uniquely, Dr. Gerbolini has an affinity for donkeys and elephants and particularly admires their strength, loyalty and social abilities. Each summer prior to COVID, he volunteered with Equitarian Initiative, a non-profit organization that helps to train veterinarians in the mountains of Peru. Although his skills are the sharpest with dogs and cats, all creatures are special to him and he does his best to offer his expertise and improve his training in all areas.