A Tribute to Dr. Stallings

Most of our clients are, by now, aware of the recent changes that have taken place at Arroyo Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Stallings sold the practice and I have been fortunate enough to be able to become part owner along with Curo Pet Care, a veterinary company based in San Francisco.

Dr. Stallings bought the practice from Dr. Steve Spellman in 1997 and for the next 20 years built Arroyo into what it is today – a thriving multi doctor veterinary hospital offering a very high level of medical care and client service.

All of us here at Arroyo are thrilled to hear the results of the voting in this year’s People’s Choice Awards, sponsored by the Sonoma Index-Tribune, in which Dr. Stallings was voted Best Veterinarian. I can say from my own personal experience, having worked closely with Dr. Stallings for the past 6 years that she is truly deserving of the honor and I want to thank you our clients for supporting her.

I know I have grown both personally and professionally since I joined Arroyo in 2012 and a great deal of that growth came from the mentorship of Dr. Stallings. She sets a very high standard both for medicine and for loving and caring attitude towards her patients and clients. If there is one core value that always stands out it is her concern for the comfort and well-being of the pets in her care. That core value is the very foundation on which Arroyo stands and it is essential for the entire team to believe in and practice that core value every day.

So congratulations Dr. Stallings and thank you for making Arroyo Veterinary Hospital what it is today.

Dr. Melissa Hart