Introducing: Acupuncture and Laser Therapy

We are excited to be able to offer our clients acupuncture and laser therapies.

Acupuncture is a modality of physical medicine used in the treatment of animals. Acupuncture has been used successfully for a few thousand years on all species in traditional Chinese medicine. It is a great option that is now being utilized in conjunction with Western medicine to reach desired biochemical effects in our patients by inserting needles. It is the stimulation of specific points on the body that have the ability to alter mechanisms to produce a physiological response. Some of those include triggering the central nervous system as well as relieving pain via increases circulation, the release of neurotransmitters, and mitigate muscle spasms (“trigger points”). It is used to in cases such as skin problems, cardiac disease, kidney disease, and immunologist disorders. Acupuncture also helps to provide relief from musculoskeletal pain and neurological disease processes such as chronic back and neck pain, disc disease, arthritis, post-surgical pain, dental pain, muscle tension, and more. The advantages of acupuncture include pain relief and decreasing inflammation in our patients while minimizes adverse effects. There are minimal disadvantages to this holistic form of medicine. It is important to remember that the pets feel better after acupuncture treatments but this form of medicine will not reverse damage already done by a disease process. The goal is to make the patient more comfortable while hopefully slowly down the progression of the disease. Research and current literature are supporting this integrative therapy as well as other modalities such as laser therapy and massage.

Laser therapy is another beneficial, non-invasive tool used in the treatment of our pets. This integrative therapy acts by emitting wavelengths of light that is received as a warming sensation to the pet. The light penetrates the body’s tissues and more specifically, the cells. Similar to acupuncture, laser therapy stimulates the physiological and biochemical processes. The release of endorphins, vasodilation, and increased lymphatic flow caused by laser therapy assist the body in maintaining tissue homeostasis and assist in the healing process. Increased blood flow to the area of damage decreases inflammation and pain while increasing rate of cell repair (healing). This is a valuable pain management therapy to add to our toolbox.

Feel free to call or email us if you would like to learn more about how these therapies might benefit your pet.