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Wellness Exams

At Arroyo Veterinary Hospital your pet's welfare takes precedence, and we emphasize the importance of annual wellness exams to uphold their peak health. For our senior pets, aged seven and above for dogs and nine and above for cats, we strongly advocate biannual check-ups and blood screenings, recognizing their accelerated aging process.

The scope of a wellness examination for your pet encompasses the following:

  • A comprehensive assessment of your pet's major organ systems.
  • Inquiries about their appetite, diet, activities, and general behavior at home.
  • Suggestions for routine diagnostic tests to catch minor health concerns early on.
  • Recommendations for pertinent vaccines to ensure your pet's protection.
  • Identification of shifts in health and overall fitness, such as weight, energy levels, and other subtle changes that might escape notice at home.
  • Early identification of potential illnesses to intervene before they escalate.

Trust us to safeguard your pet's well-being through thorough and attentive care.

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